Hate it?  Automate it!

At Top Shelf TC, we have a special set of skills in automation.  We can build software robots that can interact with all of your systems and do work for you.  Our robots interact with the systems the same way you and I do, by reading the screen and sending mouse clicks and keystrokes, mimicking human interaction.  That means if you can do it manually, so can our robots!

Here are some of our active robots:

  • ZBuyer to Follow Up Boss - Log in to ZBuyer and look for new prospecting leads (leads for which there is no other automated way to export them).  Copy the information on the prospecting leads and store in memory.  Log in to Follow Up Boss and do the data entry to add the contacts to Follow Up Boss and properly classify each lead.  If the lead already exists in Follow Up Boss, disregard the data entry and move on to the next.  

  • Collect data on Tax Auctions - Check law firm websites on a regular basis for a published list of properties that will be offered at the next tax auction.  Read the list and store in memory.  Go to the Taxing Authority website and extract additional information about each property.  Go to and extract value estimate information.  Combine the information into a single output and deliver it to the client as a .csv.

  • Prospect for Agents to Recruit - Log in to MLS and generate a list of all of the transactions that have closed in the last 7 days.  Find the contact information of the agents on each side of the deal.  Send this list of agents (who are confirmed to be active and closing deals) to the brokerage recruiter to recruit to join the brokerage.

  • Watch for New Contracts - Watch a specified GSuite inbox for new messages that match certain criteria.  When a matching email arrives, read the email and extract the transaction information from it.  Log in to Contract Management System and create a new transaction.  Add the file attachment from the email to the contract management documents section.  When complete, move the original email to a "completed" folder.

  • Daily Contract Maintenance - Search contract management system for tasks that need to be done and do them.  Among the many tasks this robot performs: creating periodic status reports for transactions, writing invoices, sending texts to clients about upcoming deadlines; sending emails about important events; archiving files at the end of a contract.