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Getting the property under contract is just the first step...

From the time your client signs the contract to the day they close the transaction, there's a mountain of paperwork and a laundry list of deadlines that you as an agent need to keep track of to ensure your client gets to closing.  This is critical work, but let's be honest: it's not why you got in to real estate.  Your time is much better spent talking to existing or prospective clients.  Let us take the administrative work off your hands!

Just like a great drink is a mixture of equal parts art and science, a great Transaction Coordinator is a mixture of industry experience backed up by our proprietary 44 point process that ensures you get a consistent, quality outcome for every transaction.

For $399 per transaction, our expert licensed Transaction Coordinators will:

  • Coordinate the opening of the file with Title/Escrow;

  • Ensure earnest money and option funds are receipted;

  • Keep you on track so you don't miss a single deadline;

  • Maintain a copy of the entire file, including all disclosures, reports and sundry documents;

  • Follow up on completion of repairs;

  • Produce amendments to your contracts according to your instructions;

  • Interact as needed with your client to obtain signatures on documents;

  • Answer process questions from your client as needed;

  • Ensure all disclosures, documents, and reports are received and filed in a timely manner;

  • Maintain at least weekly communication with all appropriate parties to ensure everyone is on the same page;

  • Provide pre-closing reminders to your client about utilities, keys, remotes, and repair receipts;

  • Provide pre-closing reminders to you to schedule final inspection/walk through, review closing statement with your client and arrange for a closing gift;

  • Send you an e-copy of the file once the transaction is complete;

  • Comply with all requirements to keep YOU out of trouble;

  • Ensure your client is up to date and informed throughout the entire process;

  • Get your CDA signed by your Broker and on file with Title;

  • Prompt your client to provide you a rating/review on social media;

  • Collect payment after your transaction closes.