Frequently asked questions

What do you do for your clients?

From the moment you get a buyer or listing under contract to the point that the transaction closes, there's a mountain of paperwork to keep track of and a slew of deadlines to keep straight. A Transaction Coordinator takes that administrative burden off your hands and keeps the flow of information and documentation going between you as an agent, your client, the other agent, the lender, title, your broker, and anyone else involved in the transaction like inspectors, appraisers, attorneys, contractors, etc. For a more complete (but hardly exhaustive) list of the standard tasks we perform, please visit our Contract to Close service description.

Why should I pay you to do something I can do for myself?

Simply stated, you have better things to do than chase paperwork and keep track of deadlines. It's simple: Your time is more valuable than the cost of the service. If you do the math, you'll find out that if you're actively producing as an agent, you earn on average $200 or more per hour you spend working on a deal. How much of that time do you spend chasing paperwork? Sending emails? Making sure you don't miss deadlines? Communicating with lenders/title on routine tasks? If you spend more than 2 hours total in a transaction on these tasks, your time is better spent focusing on higher dollar activities. The activities that get you paid! Let us handle the transaction work for you.

I have a software or web service to keep track of my transactions, why do I need you?

Transaction Coordination isn't about what software you use. It's about you spending less time on administrative, low value tasks and more time on the tasks that result in the 4 C's that put money in your pocket. Clients, Contracts, Closings, and Commissions!

How do I use your service?

It's simple to get started. Just send us your executed contract/listing agreement and we'll take over from there. We will send you a short document that outlines the different steps in the process I've developed, and a brief agreement between you and I that formally establishes the fees for our service.

Who are you?

Top Shelf TC began as an army of one. I'm a veteran, a husband, and a father of 2 girls. As a former real estate licensee in the state of New Jersey and a current licensee of Texas, I've been around real estate for over a decade. I hold 2 masters degrees, 2 project management certifications, and am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (an expert in process improvement and efficiency). My wife Karen is a team leader in the Houston area and I first got my license here in Texas so I could legally help her and her team keep their transactions on track. As the team grew to a total of 5 agents and their transaction count grew, it became clear that we needed a TC. We had one that we used for some time, but have decided to bring this function in house. We stood it up as an independent business in July of 2019 and now offer TC services to all agents in Texas and beyond. Today, we are a team of 4 TCs who provide outstanding service to clients from Texas to Washington State to North Carolina.

Can you write contracts/amendments for me?

YES! Like an unlicensed assistant, we can fill out the forms according to your instructions. For example, you can ask your TC to "Send an amendment out for 123 Main Street that reduces the purchase price to $195,000". Your TC can't take action on a request like, "Reach out to the seller's agent and ask if they'll accept a price reduction of $5,000". The dividing line here is your TC can not perform any activity that would require the exercise of his/her real estate license unless you are both members of the same brokerage.