It's inevitable.  As your business grows, you'll want to bring the TC function in house.  Let us help you manage that transition and provide you some fault-tolerance.

Use Our Systems

When you hire your in-house TC, you will have to set up a system for them to manage the flow of work.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Simply plug them in to our existing systems.  Your in-house TC can continue to use the systems, checklists, and templates that you've grown to love as a Top Shelf TC client.  Your in-house TC will also be invited to our twice weekly training calls to keep them at the top of their game.

Fault Tolerance

When you bring your TC function in house, that person becomes a single point of failure in your business.

What happens to your business when your in-house TC gets sick, goes on vacation, or quits unexpectedly?  If you are using the Hosted TC Service, our team will seamlessly pick up where your TC left off because your transactions are already in our system.  We will run your contracts until your resource returns and pro-rate our fees appropriately.

Great Value

All we ask for this service is a $400 monthly fee.  This covers the licensing cost for our system and the cost of a Top Shelf TC running a contract for you each month to stay familiar with your in-house preferences so that in the event we need to step in, we can do it without missing a beat.