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You have better things to do than chase paperwork

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We employ licensed Transaction Coordinators to turn your transaction chaos into certainty.  Stop stressing about deadlines and paperwork for the file!  Your time is better spent finding your next deal!



Professional Expertise

Top Shelf Transactions is led by Kevin Scott, a licensed agent.  He holds 2 masters degrees, and certifications in Project Management and Project Risk Management.  

Kevin leads a team of licensed Transaction Coordinators to keep you, your clients, counter parties, and your Broker informed and happy!



What our customers are saying


Complete organization of my files! They keep all parties updated and all docs in line...what more could you ask for?? Simply the best, really!! You can’t go wrong! 

Jennifer Rhodes, Houston

Top Shelf Transactions has been an invaluable secret ingredient to my success this year! I closed $10mm+ in sales in 2019. Kevin's expertise, knowledge & attention to detail increased my ability to close more transactions than any year prior. I highly recommend Top Shelf!


Jeanie Cline – Airpark Specialist, Plano TX

I can definitely say Kevin is worth every penny. He has help me tremendously. At the end of the day we don’t get paid to process transactions we get paid to get new ones.


The time he has freed up for me to get new business and not get bogged down with paperwork has been a big help. In my experience he has over delivered on what he said he would do. And in a world that over promises and under delivers that is rare.


The greedy part of me hopes that you don’t hire him so I can have him all to myself! All kidding aside he will help you grow your business by giving back hours that you can use to get more deals.


Colter Doty – Senior Partner, Brix Realty Group

Kevin really does an excellent job. Our compliance issues have dropped to almost nothing since he took over several of the agents’ files here. He has a great understanding of the transactional process and a great program to assist with those tedious issues we deal with in transactions: deadlines, contract changes from various sources and even working with those involved in the transaction who might be a bit less than responsive at times. I’ve seen him deal with things on the run that looked like they could derail a deal and bring it back to where it needs to be. He is very good at taking your direction and putting it into action.


Donald Leonard, District Director Fathom Realty