At Top Shelf TC, we are thrilled to be the only Transaction Coordination company that has been vetted and approved to deliver a world class experience for Club Wealth clients and coaches.

As a Club Wealth member, your business is growing.  As it grows, you will have to start growing your team.  If you don't need one yet, you'll need a Transaction Coordinator soon.

Hiring an hourly employee is a big fear for new agents because of the cyclical nature of the real estate industry and the worry that you won't be able to support their paycheck in the slow season.  Eventually your business will have sufficient cash flow to support you, your admin, and a full time TC.  But until then, use the hired guns at Top Shelf TC to help your business grow.  Send us as many (or as few) transactions as you like!

For Club Wealth Clients & Coaches only, we offer the following incentives:

  1. Volume Discount requirements waived - All transactions from Club Wealth Clients & Coaches receive the volume discount rate of $375 per transaction*.

  2. Free setup of white label email (normally $50 setup fee) - Set up a transaction email address (like and your TC will connect to it and use it to send and receive all of your transaction communications.

  3. We TC in new states free of charge - Club Wealth clients and coaches come from all 50 states.  Top Shelf TC doesn't currently provide services in all 50 states, so if you do business in a state that we currently do not service, we will work for you completely free of charge for the first 3 transactions while we learn the ins and outs of transactions in your state.

  4. Referral Program - Refer us to a friend and earn for every transaction your referral does with us - FOREVER.  Details here.

* transactions in California bear an increased cost of $50 per transaction

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